Brand new video by Temple Of The Bonana King

8 Dec

A response to The Anonymous Trollz “Amazing real beer pong tricks” video

Who listens on Facebook?

17 Nov

30% of Bearsharktopus’s Facebook-friends listen. Bearsharktopus is proud.

14% of Doctorwhom’s Facebook-friends listen. Doctorwhom is uncertain whether this is good or bad or average.

11,5 of FlashFlesh’ Facebook-friends listen. FlashFlesh says: “This feels kind of random. Randomly, randomness is a random feeling”.

11,5% of Ihasbucket’s Facebook-friends listen, or at least comments or “likes” his status. Ihasbucket is a bit sad because of this.

8% of Narwhalofdeath’s Facebook-friends listen. Narwhalofdeath thinks her friends don’t care.

9,5% of Kimosu Platana’s friends liked or commented her status. Kimosu thinks these are her real friends.

16,5% of Moesu Platana’s friends responded. Not bad.

Sexy Naked Frisbee Time

20 Oct

This video was recently banned in Germany through Youtube.

Magical leopluridon

29 Sep

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Our professor

17 Sep

Heads in freezers

17 Sep

Kimosu Plátana

Moesu Plátana



Narwhal of Death

Robot Unicorn